Strips – plaster for molluscum contagiosum

Strips are a type of bandage or dressing that are effective on warts. Even though the product is intended for the removal of warts, it also works well against molluscum contagiosum.

Strips for molluscum contagiosum
Strips may be used against molluscum contagiosum in exactly the same way as they are used for warts. The plaster contains some kind of agent which dissolves or removes the molluscum lesion that you wish to be rid of. It varies as to exactly how they function, but the plaster usually has a section that is placed against the molluscum lesion and which dissolve the lesion. The plaster normally contains salicylic acid in various concentrations, but may also dissolve the lesions using other substances.

The plaster is placed on the skin where the molluscum lesion is located and left to do its work. The plaster should normally be allowed to work at least a couple of hours before it is changed. Be careful when following the instructions for the specific product, to ensure the best results possible. Keep in mind that the exact instructions can differ from one product to another.